why "mama" and why "bootcamp", you ask?

Our philosophy is the all-encompassing idea that we are all "Mamas"… women of all ages, shapes, fitness levels, and sizes.

We are a "bootcamp" in the sense that we are a group that does outdoor workouts together with a coach. Our philosophy replaces the scary reputation of traditional bootcamp with encouragement and camaraderie, while still offering a workout that is challenging for many different levels of fitness. 

You will train with a group of like-minded women, but your daily training program will be customized just for you by your personal coach.

i met my goal of weighing less than 140 pounds! i weighed 138 for the first time since my 30s. i met four of my best friends for lunch on friday wearing a sleeveless shirt. i have not worn a sleeveless shirt in years. one of my friends commented ‘what is it you are doing? you look like you are developing muscles in your arms and you don’t have the extra skin on the bottom of your arms like i do.’ until she said this, i had not realized the affects of Mama Bootcamp were that noticeable. this makes it all worth it!
— Dee Dee V.