the three keys to our success at mama bootcamp are fitness, nutritional coaching, and goal setting....together they help build a happier you!

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part I. fitness

You will fall in love with movement while cross-training to get into the best shape of your life.  Our members are all different ages, sizes and fitness levels.  We focus on training injury-free and offer modifications to every exercise we do. Come empower yourself and train with like-minded and supportive women.


part II. nutritional coaching

We want to see not only what you are eating, but when you are eating.  Track your food with our own custom food logs.  Your coach will work with you in developing a meal plan and help you make healthier choices.  


part III. goal setting/life coaching

Take a moment to think about your goals.  Trying to lose those last few pounds?   Have you always wanted to learn how to swim?  Run a 5K, 10K or half-marathon?  How about competing in your first triathlon?  Your coach will work with you to fill out our own custom Goal Setting Worksheet to help bring goals into focus...and start helping you achieve those goals!



what's included?

  1. Unlimited access at all locations and times

  2. Nutritional coaching and meal planning

  3. Body measurements and body fat testing

  4. Support and mentoring from your personal coach

  5. Training programs for walkers, walk/joggers and runners

the nuts and bolts of the Mama Bootcamp experience

everything described below is included in mama bootcamp membership!

the mama bootcamp philosophy

Our philosophy is the all-encompassing idea that we are all "Mamas"… a very friendly group of women; all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

We are a "bootcamp" in the sense that we are a group that does outdoor workouts together with a coach. Our philosophy replaces the scary reputation of traditional bootcamp with encouragement and camaraderie, while still offering a workout that is challenging for many different levels of fitness. 


the classes we offer

BOOTCAMP classes are one and a half hours long. The first 20 minutes, your coach will lead you through core strengthening exercises, such as bicycles, crunches and planking. Then you will go out for a walk or jog as the cardiovascular exercise, for the next 25 minutes or so. When you return, your coach guides you through strength-training exercises with bands and light free weights. The final portion is a few minutes of stretching exercises. 

HOUR OF POWER classes are one hour long. The class format is identical to the original Bootcamp class, except the cardiovascular portion of the class is eliminated. Mamas are encouraged to do this portion of the workout on their own either before or after the coach-led class, whenever possible.


executive package

Call us if you are interested in corporate or executive health, wellness and fitness packages.

your own personal coach

You will train with a group of like-minded women, but your daily training program will be customized just for you by your personal coach.

Your coach will schedule measurements and body fat testing. Additionally, she goes over your intake paperwork, discusses food logging and goal setting. After you have completed your measurements and intake paperwork with your coach, you are free to go to any classes we have on the schedule, including yoga.

Around six weeks into your experience, your coach will schedule time to do your measurements again. This will give you a clear picture of your body changes over the last six weeks. It is a terrific motivator to see that all the little changes you have been making are really adding up. You will be surprised at just how many inches disappear!

Let us know if you have any questions, and please feel free to contact us at anytime. All of our coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed in becoming the best you possible. We really look forward to seeing you at Bootcamp!


the next level of coaching

TRI TRAINING takes our personal coaching experience to the next level. We have found that having personal fitness goals are key to keeping our Mamas motivated. Once a Mama has reached all of her basic health and weight goals, she will often find herself excited to take it to the next level. We have ongoing special meetups for anyone who wants to learn more about conditioning, cycling and swimming techniques. Whether your goal is to run in a local 5K, or you want to reach for a half or full marathon or triathlon, we are here to help guide and coach you all the way.