A simple and easy meal from Coach Alexis.

This is a great "anytime" quick meal you can make for yourself, or the whole family!  

Shrimp on the Grill with Spinach and Sweet Potato Fries

1-2 lbs of peeled shrimp
1 bag/box spinach
Chili powder
Tin foil

Sprinkle EVOO over the spinach.  Sprinkle cumin and chili powder over shrimp and mix (season to your taste).   Pull off a piece of tin foil and form a pocket.   Place a handful of spinach and 5-6 shrimp in the middle of the tin foil and roll to close the pocket on a sides.  Repeat with the remaining spinach and shrimp.   Place on medium heat grill for 5 minutes.

Sweet Potato (Not Really Fried) Fries

3 large sweet potatoes (not yams!)
Salt, pepper, garlic powder

Slice your sweet potatoes length wise into steak fry size.  Sprinkle with EVOO and season to your taste.  Place on medium heat grill, turning after 5 minutes to grill each side.