Get Ready For Fall: Let's Check Our Workout Gear

What we put IN our body (nutrition) is very important.  And so is what we put ON our body.  Time goes by fast, so let's take 15 minutes to do a check of your workout gear: 

  1. Do you have your cold weather layers ready?  Make sure your base layer is made of a wicking fabric.
  2. Dig out your mittens, warm beanies, earmuffs, warm socks and waterproof jacket.
  3. Do a "shoe check".  You may be ready for a new pair (don't forget to write the date you put your pair of shoes into service on the tongue of the shoe with a Sharpie pen).
  4. Sports Bra:  Is it time for a new one?  Let's discuss...our Positive Power Partner Athleta says:

We all have that go-to sports bra that fits us so well we wear it out until it’s tattered and frayed. It’s hard to find the perfect sports bra, the one that fits you just right, one that breathes easy, moves with your body, and looks great.  

The Athleta team has done a lot of work around designing the perfect sports bras for our customer. We’ve talked extensively with our customers, we’ve worn every bra ourselves, and we work really closely with our innovation partners to figure out how to build a perfect sports bra. The simple answer is, there isn’t one perfect sports bra for everyone. And that’s why we’ve designed each of our bras with specific solves with the Athleta woman in mind!
— Megan Miller, Athleta Designer

Use Athleta's Simple and Easy to Use Bra Finder to help you select the right sports bra for you:  Help Me Choose