It is Friday. The office is going for Mexican food. All week long, you have avoided the treats in the break room. Ignored the ice cream your husband or roommate brought home. You have been on your game! And now it is Friday and the office is celebrating the ending of a huge project that you have been responsible for. You have to go right?!?

In addition, you forgot your Grab ‘N Go’s and thought it was no big deal; after all it is Friday! Two margaritas and a basket of chips later, you decide you might as well order the combo plate and start over on Monday! So the weekend turns into a free-for-all, with you eating and drinking your way through Saturday and Sunday. You wake up on Monday feeling totally defeated, puffy, and depressed. Not the best way to start your week!

Wow! There are so many things going on with this story but we are going to focus on one thing... it wasonly Friday! It was only one meal! “Stinking thinking” got you into a spiraling vortex of indulgence that you could not stop! No need to continue with one slip-up through the weekend. In Mama Bootcamp land, we start over once the meal is done. That means getting up Saturday morning and getting to your Bootcamp! Hopefully you pounded some water before bedtime to start the flushing process. Then the weekend can be all about “clean eating” and having fun with movement (a.k.a. exercising)!

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