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Mama Bootcamp has shown me how to fit it all in, take care of myself so that I can take care of my family, and how to be confident in myself again.
— Claudia P.

Every coach has motivated me to try harder.

My "in progress" picture!

My "in progress" picture!

I have been with Mama Bootcamp this go around since October 2015.  I had been with Mama Bootcamp back in 2007 for a few years and had great results. I felt great and lost a significant amount of weight.  For whatever reason, I fell of the bandwagon, as they say, had my fourth baby in 2011 and found myself back to where I started, lacking energy and disappointed in myself for gaining all the weight back.

In October, I received a call from my coach, mentor and friend Lorri Ann Code.  She wanted to know first, how I was doing, and secondly, if I wanted to come back to Bootcamp because she had an outstanding nutritional program that she thought would work for a busy working mom like me and as she said to me “We need to get you moving!”.  Since I trust Lorri Ann with my life, I said yes, let’s give it try and here I am.  Six months later, I’ve lost 41 lbs, 64 inches, 25% body fat and most importantly, I’ve discovered that I can do it! 

Before Mama Bootcamp, I was a very busy mom of four with a full time job and not enough energy to get thru the day. I was the heaviest I’ve ever been while not pregnant and feeling depressed, suffering from back aches daily.  Basically, I was a mess!!  Mama Bootcamp has shown me how to fit it all in, take care of myself so that I can take care of my family, and how to be confident in myself again.  I am so happy to be able to be a role model for my little girl and to show her what a strong and healthy woman can do.

My experience with the “mamas” has been outstanding.  I have made some new friends that I can count on for motivation and whom I hope I help motivate as well.  The camaraderie is second to none, everyone I meet is encouraging and has great tips on how to get through that plateau, how to fit in all your veggies, how to resist the temptation to eat that cake and anything else you may be struggling to do.  I attend classes on different days with varying coaches and every one of them is unique in their style but equally supportive.  They all kick my butt every time, I can count on that!  I’ve had to modify my exercises due to back issues and every coach has not only helped me do that but has encouraged me to keep going and motivated me to try harder. 

I am currently training for a Sprint Triathlon in May and am ever so grateful to Lorri Ann and her tribe for the constant support and motivation. Missing my “mama” time is not an option as my two little ones say, “Aren’t you going to mama booty camp today?” I am grateful for the support of my husband and kids as I continue this journey towards my best self.

Mama Bootcamp has changed my life, I am so grateful for that phone call in September, for the friends I’ve made and the support I get each and every time I go to Bootcamp (or multi-sport training, cycling, swimming).